The (near) end of The Nuggets Den

And as quickly as it started, The Nuggets Den is coming to somewhat of an end.

Fortunately, it’s for a happy reason. I’m both humbled and honored to announce that I have been invited to write for the esteemed Denver Nuggets blog Roundball Mining Company, which is part of the ESPN TrueHoop network. And when I say it’s an honor, that’s no exaggeration. I’ve been following RMC loyally since the Pickaxe and Roll days, and at this point I can only aspire to come even halfway close to the great writing and analysis there. Consider me humbled.

So from now on, the majority of my Nuggets-related writing will be found here:

I may still use The Nuggets Den for occasionally posting more random, humorous, or otherwise not-up-to-RMC-muster material. So I won’t be completely shutting it down. But the main stuff will be at Roundball, which I’m sure if you’re here, you read already for the great writing from Jeremy, Kalen and Charlie. (If you haven’t seen the Summer League coverage over there, you’re really missing out. Tons of fantastic stuff, including exclusive interviews).

So thanks so much everybody for dropping by and hanging out, and I look forward to seeing you around at RMC and on twitter.

As a final word, I’d like to express my deep sympathy and condolences for the victims of the recent shooting, their families, and all of those back home in Colorado who have been affected by this tragedy.

One of my favorite television shows here in Japan is called Kinchan no Kasou Taishou, which is a contest in which amateur groups put on visual arts performance pieces. The symbolism in the first piece from the video below (“The Weed”) seems fitting to me at this time.



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