#Nuggets at #Celtics 11/6/2016 – Game Notes

#Nuggets at #Celtics 11/6/2016 – Game Notes

1st Quarter

11:13 Nice ball movement: Gallo from the perimeter to Jokic at the top of the key to Nurkic down low. What the Jurkic lineup is capable of at its best.

10:34 Jokic posts up in the low post and makes a nice move to the rim for an easy layup. The Jurkic lineup will be more effective if Jokic gets more touches like this instead of almost exclusively going to Nurkic. Better balance.

9:57 Mudiay drives in strong and draws the blocking foul on Zeller, whose heel was inside the circle. Always good to see Emmanuel playing aggressively.

9:12 Mudiay continues his aggressive play with an offensive board & putback.

9:05 I’d say that Harris has been guarding Thomas on every possession so far, but really it’s only ostensibly, as the Nuggets usually switch everything so quickly. But this time Harris tries to fight through the screen, but after swinging it around Thomas gets it back at the perimeter and blows by Garris for an easy floater in the lane.

6:41 Thomas tries to drive in the lane but Harris funnels him right into the help and Nurkic swats it away and dishes it to Harris on the break for the dunk. Great defensive possession turned into offense, great example of how important it is to Denver to have Gary back.

3:50 Gallo with the head fake at the arc, steps in to nail the long 2. Playing better within the flow of the offense in this game so far, letting it come to him and not forcing it.

3:27 After Jerebko switches to him, Mudiay takes it in for a sideways-floating left handed shot, which misses but he draws the foul. Two things he didn’t do: Try to dribble it in waist high or unnecessarily fade away. Hopefully this can be taken as a good sign. If he can unlearn some of these bad habits it’ll go a long way toward improving his efficiency.

3:00 Mudiay sinks the long 2. He doesn’t need to become a great shooter to ultimately deliver what the Nuggets will need from him, but hitting open shots like that with greater consistency is a must.

2:35 Mudiay or 3! Mass hysteria! Dogs and cats living together!

2:15 Mudiay for his second consecutive 3? What have you done with the real Emmanuel Mudiay, imposter?

1:53 Celtics announcer: “Someone pick up Mudiay, please!” Said for the first time this season by anybody, anywhere. And then Mudiay nails another three? What in the world is happening?

1:45 Beasley’s celebration off the bench is the best.

End of quarter, holy crap. If Mudiay can build on this success and use it to turn that corner he’s needed to so badly, this 1st quarter of his will probably be something that people talk about for years to come when evaluating his career.


2nd Quarter

Should I even bother continuing? Nothing’s gonna beat that 1st.

10:55 Chandler with a really impressive drive from the corner along the baseline for the layup and 1. Also worked his way in for a bunny after posting up on his previous offensive possession. If he can continue playing like he has so far this season, it’s so huge for the Nuggets.

10:16 Gerald Green forces the jump ball with Jokic. I guess he’s going for the jester look with that hairstyle.

8:58 Murray shaking and baking at the top off the key, fades away as he makes the jump shot. About time he finally got his offense going, great to see.

8:26 Chandler finds Jokic at the elbow, who in turn feeds a beaut of a pass inside to Faried, who gets fouled. Good things happen when the offense goes through Jokic at the elbow. Malone really needs to run more for him there.

6:52 Another great drive by Chandler. Man, he hasn’t looked this good in a long time.

6:27 And then his next trip down Chandler nails the 3 after some pretty decent ball movement.

6:01 And now Chandler battling down low draws the foul. Working hard.

5:02 Nurkic out, Jokic in. Malone steering away from the Jurkic, at least for now. Also sends Harris in for Chandler, so it’s Jameer-Mudiay-Harris-Gallo-Nurk. This to me is the type of lineup which should be ideally suited for Mudiay: One center, three guys who can space the floor, and one of them can be the primary ball handler as well.

4:32 Crowd goes wild as Zeller’s long 2 cuts the lead to 21.

2:00 Harris gets in the passing lane for the steal, fast break layup and 1. Was a bit worried for a sec, looked like he landed weird, but seems to be fine.

0:36 Chaotic sequence at both ends finishes with an emphatic Gallo dunk that puts the Nuggets up 75-50. Man this team can be Jekyll & Hyde to the extreme.

End of half. 77 points. Wow.


3rd Quarter

9:08 Nuggets have come out sloppy and still haven’t scored with nearly 3 minutes elapsed. Meanwhile, Harris literally doesn’t even touch Thomas, who barrels in out of control and flops and the refs buy it and stick Gary w/ his 5th foul.

8:36 Chandler finally gets Denver’s first bucket of the 2nd half.

1:12 Murray nails the 3 from the corner, bringing the Nuggets up to 101 points before the end of the 3rd.

End of quarter, Thomas scores 2 on the Faried goaltend closing the Nuggets lead to 20.


4th Quarter

10:28 Nuggets regain possession after a very good defensive possession by Faried and the team as a whole. Kenneth will never have a natural knack for defense, and it’ll always be a weakness opponents will exploit, but credit where it is due, he seems to at least be making a sincere effort this season, which is commendable, especially given that it’d have been real easy for his attitude to turn south after being brought off the bench.

9:58 Faried with another good play, this time on offense, as he curled into the paint and normally might have thrown up a contested jump hook, he instead dished it out to Harris, who missed the 3, but the right play was made, and Faried ended up with it again and got to the line.

4:37 Nuggets force the 24 second violation. Would be easy to phone it in defensively at this point, with the score 116-93, but they’re still grinding it out, which is great to see.

3:57 Case in point, Faried dives for the loose ball and calls the heads up time out. Keeping it scrappy.

3:18 I haven’t talked about Gallo much but he’s played really well in this game, as I said above, mostly playing in the flow and not trying to force things too much. That said, with this big a lead at this point in the game, not sure why Malone has any starters out there still.

2:10 Murry drills a 3, which at this point in the game may not mean much (puts Denver up 24 with about 2 minutes left), but given the start to his season, it’s gotta feel really great and be a huge confidence booster that his shots are falling with regularity in this game. Monkey off his back.

0:30 Crowd goes nuts as a Rozier 3 cuts the lead to 17 with half a minute left. Would be easy to make fun of this, but as a Nuggets fan to see how supportive their home crowd is even when getting blown out causes me to feel some envy.

End of game, and of course then the crowd boos as the clock winds down.



Welp, it’s 2:21 a.m. here in Japan on November 8, 2016, which means we have finally officially reached the calendar date for Election Day, at least in some parts of the world. So, my American compatriots, if you have not done so already, get your ass out there and vote. No matter what happens, this one’s historic.


And just as a final parting thought, though I hate to toot my own horn, I do have to say I feel a bit vindicated by Mudiay’s stellar performance, as I went on a little pre-game Twitter rant arguing for keeping him in the starting lineup and being patient with his development:







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