New Twitter handle: @NuggetsDenJoel

This is just an F.Y.I. in case any of you were wondering why my longstanding Twitter handle “@denbutsu” suddenly changed to “@NuggetsDenJoel” – and the simple explanation is just that I changed it.

Why? Mainly because I wanted it to include my actual name (though nearly every permutation of it was already taken). “Denbutsu” was kind of a relic, a remnant from when I first started posting on Nuggets and Broncos message boards over a decade ago. It was a combination of “Denver” and the “daibutsu,” which is a statue of the Great Buddha in Kamakura, not far from where I live. Its only significance was purely geographical: a bit from Colorado, where I’m from, and a bit from Japan, where I live.

But by now it has long outlived its original inception, and the time for me to bring my Twitter username into alignment with my real name is long overdue. And so, it is done. If you’re following me already (which, if you’re here reading this, you almost certainly are), then nothing should change other than the appearance of my handle, but my apologies if this caused you any confusion. For what it’s worth, I did reclaim “@denbutsu” just so nobody else could nab it, but it is now just a placeholder that redirects traffic back to “@NuggetsDenJoel,” which will hereafter remain unchanged.



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