Game Notes: #Heat at #Nuggets 11/30/2016

Game Notes: #Heat at #Nuggets 11/30/2016 – Denver is Diagnosable


I missed this game live, and now it’s about six hours after it ended. But I have successfully avoided finding out the score, so what follows are my notes on the game as I simulate a live viewing of it after the fact. Here we go…

1st Quarter

10:37 Gallo back from injury. Was at the perimeter, about to go iso, wisely runs a P&R with Jameer instead, and Nelson drains the 3. Great to have Gallo back, but biggest concern is that it’ll mean the ball starts sticking. Good to see it didn’t there, something to watch going forward.

10:14 Dragic has Gallo switched to him at the perimeter, nice D by Danilo.

9:26 GREAT chase-down block by Faried leads to Denver ball and Mudiay sinks the open mid-range jumper.

8:58 Whiteside’s foot speed >>> Nurk’s footspeed. Puts nice post move on him for the layup & 1 (missed).

8:11 Mudiay drives past his man, SLAMS down the two-handed dunk. More finishes like that, please, Emmanuel.

6:53 Nurk not having the greatest game so far. Gets the ball taken away by McBob extending his dribble out pretty far on a post-up.

6:04 Dragic pump fake has Nurkic looking like a statue. Malone really ought to sub in Jokic by now.

5:41 Hate to keep harping on Nurkic, but he TOTALLY fell asleep at the wheel and didn’t even try to get over and protect the rim when Dragic Iso’d on Mudiay, drove past him, and then had nothing but blue sky all the way to the hoop.

5:20 Nurkic lazy pass, turns it over. Seriously don’t know why Malone’s leaving him in there at this point. He clearly didn’t get enough sleep last night or something. Head totally not in the game.

5:14 Faried definitely should’ve been called for goaltending there. But that was some crazy-ass athleticism on that play.

2:54 Whiteside blocks Jokic, but the Joker gets it back and puts in his 2nd attempt. In fairness to Nurk, I should note that on Jokic’s first defensive possession against Whiteside, Hassan scored right over him pretty easily. So he’s giving both Denver Cs trouble.

1:30 Jokic with the really nice low post move for 2. Chandler kind of struggling out of the gates, has missed a couple shots. I don’t think Jameer has rested the entire 1st quarter. I know Malone is leaning heavy on him now, but at his age & injury history, I don’t think these kind of minutes are sustainable for him.

0:23 Murray ratchets up the aggression, drives in for the layup with contact and 1. Missed a 3 on the previous possession, wise of him to take it to the rim to get himself going.

0:00 Terrible end to the quarter, Jokic gets the ball stripped and stolen, Tyler Johnson takes it down the other way for a buzzer-beating dunk. What might have been a 32-26 lead is instead 30-28.

2nd Quarter

10:52 After a nice offensive possession where Chandler did some work to dribble into the lane and get himself a better shot for the 2, he gets TOTALLY robbed on the BS foul call on a clean block.

10:32 Then he gets into the paint for a runner again.

7:59 With perhaps the sole exception of Wilson Chandler, this 2nd Q has not gone well for Denver. Defensive lapses, turnovers leading to fast break points, discombobulated offense. 10-2 run Miami. Nuggets gotta regroup.

6:30 Another turnover (Mudiay), another fast break score for the Heat. This is getting ridiculous. Plus the Nuggets, like only they can, are turning Luke Babbitt into Kyle Korver. And Nuggets offense has completely flatlined. Miami’s run now 15-2.

5:42 Mudiay finally puts the brakes on the Heat run, taking it the length of the floor for an and-1 layup, but misses the FT.

3:50 Worst quarter by the Nuggets in … a while, including that 3rd quarter against the Suns, which was bad, but in some ways just failure to execute rather than this total collapse into ineptitude. Just sloppy as shit, no clue what they’re trying to do offensively, completely on their heels at the other end. They don’t turn this around fast, Miami could well put this one away early.

0:33 Nuggets showing signs of life, and doing the opposite of what they usually do by finishing the quarter strong. But after a great 3 in the flow of the offense, Jameer forces up another one, doing the thing where he starts trying to do too much after doing some good stuff. He really wants to be the hero, but he’s gotta restrain that crap, especially as the vet leader.

0:00 Nuggets down 5 at the half, but after how badly they shit the bed in that 2nd quarter, they’re lucky not to be down 10+. Hopefully they come out with more focus in the second half.

3rd Quarter

11:05 After a pretty bad first half in which he didn’t score a field goal, Nurkic gets his first one by battling down low after pulling down the offensive rebound of a Gallo miss. Let’s see him take it to Whiteside more – if he can.

7:48 Energy is everything for this team. A wild sequence with a big save from Faried that culminated in a Gallo dunk. When they play high energy, they thrive on it, when they play low key, everything withers on the vine.

6:20 Gallo misses 2 FTs, Heat secure the rebound. When overall they’re playing this badly, they can’t afford to be giving up easy points like that.

5:59 Couldn’t tell what Nurk got T’d up for (I’m sure that’s already well known by now), but whatever it was, he’s getting frustrated and pouting. Might not see him much more this game. Once he goes into Bad Jusuf mode, hard for him to shake it.

5:27 Gallo made a shot. Someone finally made a damn shot. I hate to advocate for this, because I normally am against it as standard operating procedure, but the Nuggets might need a little hero mode action from Gallo in this game since the team overall is playing like butt.

4:59 Mudiay drives down pretty much reeling out of control but manages to get it to Jokic in the nick of time for the layup. Now on: Mudiay-Jameer-Gallo-Wilson-Jokic. If any lineup can get the job done of getting the Nuggets’ lead back, this should be the one to do it.

4:26 Nuggets cut deficit to 3 on Jameer layup, Spo calls timeout, not liking the looks of Denver clawing their way back into this one.

2:34 Great sequence for Jokic. Stands his ground against Whiteside to contest his shot for the miss, then sinks a jumper from the paint on the other side. More like that, please. Tie game.

2:18 Gallo sinks FT on Whiteside tech, Jokic sinks both FTs on the regular Whiteside foul (pushed him out of bounds), Nuggets go up 74-71 to reclaim lead for the first time since, I believe, early in the 2nd quarter. Hassan to bench, let’s see if Denver can use this to build some momentum and extend that lead.

2:12 Defensive 3-second violation on Nuggets this time. If I’m not mistaken, Miami has already had two themselves. Then Ellington misses the FT. Then Reed w/ the loose ball foul and Gallo hits both FTs to bump the lead up to 5.

1:34 Dragic was totally NOT set but the refs call Murray for the charge after his great steal and drive. Bullshit call that should have put Jamal on the line. Dragic misses the 3 at the other end. Ball don’t lie.

1:04 Jameer to Chandler for the bigtime dunk. Could the Nuggets be any more Jekyll and Hyde? This team is clinically diagnosable.

0:00 And of course immediately after the above comment the Nuggets fail to make two defensive stops and Miami cuts the lead back down to 3, but Chandler bails them out with a buzzer-beating offensive rebound and putback. Up 5 going into the…

4th Quarter

11:22 This to me is the Nuggets’ best offensive play of the game so far, and it exemplifies when their teamwork is at its best. Mudiay has the ball at the top of the arc with Jokic down at the low post. Murray runs baseline and curls around the Jokic screen up to the elbow, where he receives the pass from Mudiay. Jokic then comes up to the elbow where he gets the ball room Murray, who clears out. Jokic and Mudiay then run a pick and roll, with Mudiay moving up to the elbow, and Jokic cutting into the lane where he gets it back from Mudiay, who splits the defenders with a bounce pass, and float up the runner for 2. Just a perfectly executed set play.

10:09 Yet another Nuggets turnover, yet another Heat score off the fast break. Miami cuts the lead back down to one, Malone calls time out.

7:32 More turnovers, more crappy defense, once again losing sight off how they want to run their offense, and all of a sudden the Heat are back up 5.

7:04 Once again, Heat just playing with more energy, Nuggets just look lethargic and listless. If they don’t match or exceed that intensity and hustle, they’re cooked in this one for sure.

5:30 Missed 3 after missed 3 for Denver. Meanwhile, the Nuggets making Wayne Ellington look like an All-Star and now Miami’s lead is 8.

4:57 Stop. The. Presses. The Nuggets actually made a shot. Gallo for 3.

4:23 But of course the Nuggets can buy a stop to save their lives. Whiteside scores easily over Faried.

3:44 Whiteside scores easily over Faried.

3:13 The Heat drank coffee before this game. The Nuggets smoked weed.

2:09 Murray with the corner 3. Help us Jamal, you’re our only hope.

1:57 Whiteside dunk. Miami is basically the big brother bullying the little brother at this point, grabbing the Nuggets arm and whacking them repeatedly, “Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?”

1:44 Of course Jameer misses his first FT. In this game, that’s just how the Nuggets roll.

1:21 Murray for 3. Maybe is really is our only hope…?

0:42 Then Murray drives straight in to the guy who blocks all the shots. Much to learn he has.

0:00 Nuggets blow another winnable game. But what else is new? One thing’s for certain: If they play as unfocused and lackadaisically as they did tonight against the Rockets, they’re gonna get trounced.


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