Recap? Live tweeting of Nuggets’ 3/16 win over Clippers


On Thursday night, the Nuggets achieved a four-game winning streak for the first time this season in a victory over the Clippers that kept them at the head of the pack competin for the 8th seed in the Western Conference. They have now won 8 of their last 11 games.

I’m not sure how many of you will actually want to read this, but I just wanted to  preserve it for archival purposes as my documentation of one of the Nuggets’ most important wins of the season, since Twitter just is not conducive to that end.

So, what follows below is my live tweeting of Denver’s big win. Or rather, an after-the-fact “live” tweeting I did watching a spoiler-free delayed recording of the game as if it were live.

I should preface this by saying something I didn’t mention at the time on Twitter, which is that Will Barton should get a huge amount of credit. I have been quite critical of his performance of late, and while I don’t think that was necessarily off base, what is undeniable is that Coach Malone called him out and asked him to step up, and man, has he delivered in the last two games, including a career high in this one. So kudos to Will the Thrill for coming through when the Nuggets badly needed him in the absence of Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler.

What follows is the thread I tweeted while watching the game.


Okay. Today I avoided seeing the results of the #Clippers at #Nuggets game, I don’t know what happened, and I’m about to watch it.

I’ll be live tweeting the game from my POV, as I watch it for my first time. But, most of you already saw it, or at least know the score.

So my apologies, but I won’t be reading or replying to any of your tweets as I live tweet this, so as to make sure I avoid spoilers.

All right, so here we go. Hope the Nuggets got the win, but bracing myself for a loss. W/ DEN’s D, Those 3-popint shooters LAC has worry me.

Solid start by the Nuggets, all 8 of their first points scored in the paint, a LAC’s 4 both jumpers.

Clippers go up 11-8, Plumlee is forcing way too many post ups, Nuggets need to get the offense running through Jokic more.

Faried in, I imagine Adam might have something to say about his short corner gravity drawing in the D to clear lame for Murray’s layup.

Marlowe thanks Harrison for a correction on the broadcast.  🙂

Nuggets have opened up a 10 point lead late in the 1st, really taking advantage of BG/DJ absence to dominate the paint.

That might be a no-brainer game plan, but it’s a good game plan, and more importantly, well executed. (So far.)

Wow. Faried oop to Plumlee. Kenneth not usually on that side of the equation.  #JokicEffect

Actually very impressed with Faried’s play thus far. Had worried he’d been rushed back, but he’s looked ready, has his hops.

JJ picking apart Denver’s 3pt defense, but LAC can’t stop DEN in the paint. Malone calls timeout to talk D w Nuggets up 11.

Harris hits a big 3 to stop the bleeding after the Nuggets start pulling a late quarter collapse job out of the timeout. 2:18 left in 2nd Q.

Malone draws up great play after timeout, Jokic and Jameer execute it perfectly as Nelson nails the 3 to put Nuggets up 13 at the half.

Oof. Horrible start to the 3rd. LAC cuts deficit from 13 to 6 in under 2 minutes. Denver D discombobulated.

I have very high hopes for Juancho. But his defensive shortcomings are leaving the Nuggets badly exposed in this 3rd quarter.

But Harris and Nelson answer right back with 3-pointers of their own and Denver’s back up by 13.

Faried cuts with power for the and-1, but misses  FT. With Plumlee starting, I think I like this rotation, subbing Kenneth in w Jokic on.

Haven’t seen much of the Plumlee-Faried one-two punch with Kenneth’s injury, but that’s a ton of relentless energy to throw at opponents.

Lol Crawford.

Clippers had success getting physical with Nuggets to start 3rd. Denver pushing back hard now, extend their lead to 19.

Which unfortunately makes me fear that in next 5 minutes they’ll let the lead slip back to single digits. Hope not. Twist that dagger in.

Big 3 by Murray, gets a great look the next time down, but can’t convert. But man, once he gets more consistent with those…

A small but significant thing: Murray crosses half court with ball with 0:17 left in 3rd, immediately looks to Malone for play call.

The nuggets couldn’t have responded better to a tough start to the 3rd quarter that all too recently would have resulted in a collapse.

Instead, they take a 23-point lead into the 4th. Now, they better have &*#√^<$ finished the job.

Chris Paul is so damn great. Yeah, I’m Captain Obvious. But really it’s a pleasure to watch him display his skills – when LAC is down 20.

Uh guys, lead down to 14,getting nervous now…

5 minutes left, lead down to 14,Jameer nails a 3 from pretty much the Pepsi logo. Nuggets badly needed that.

Whew. Great win, but they can never do it without a scare.


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