Recap-ish: Quasi-live tweeting of the Nuggets’ huge win over the Cavs


Although I wasn’t able to watch Denver’s big win over Cleveland live, I stayed spoiler-free, and “live”-tweeted as I watched it after the fact. That live tweeting thread is what follows.


Back from work. Kept spoiler-free on the Cavs game, so I’m about to watch and “live” tweet it post hoc. Won’t be reading/replying till done.

I said before the game I thought the Nuggets had a shot, so I already either look smart or dumb for that. About to find out which.

Nuggets go up 10-9, but it’s 5 2s for DEN and 3 3s for CLE. Doesn’t bode well for DEN to let them shoot open 3s all game.

After Chandler misses another 3, Faried steals, Jameer opts out on a 3, passes to Jokic, who dishes it back to him for C&S off screen.

Once again Nuggets seem not to be getting their offense consistently running through Jokic, but when they do, results (usually) good.

2nd straight possession, Nuggets pass on worse shots, run it throuh Jokic who finds a cutting Chandler for easy layup. Good sign (I hope.)

Nuggets doing a good job executing their offense so far. Korver returns to action for this one – that’s a concern.

Shump wears his headband in a weird way.

Frye tries a post-up on Juancho, who defends it well and gets the rebound.

Harris just powers right through the Korver-Frye double and draws the foul driving to the basket.

Cavs trim the Nuggets’ lead down to 3 on a Korver 3 to end the 1st quarter, which for the most part was pretty solid for DEN.

Ball movement absolutely dies to begin 2nd quarter. Murray dribbles, Barton dribbles, Plumlee dribbles. Clock reset, Juancho dribbles, miss.

Uh-oh. LeBron has awakened and started LeBron-ing. 2 straight drive & dunks, Malone calls time.

Afer missing a short jumper, Murray nails a 3. Nuggets could really use him heating up right about now, especially with Gallo out.

And boom, there it is, Jamal dribbles out to the arc and hits another 3 after a Chandler miss.

Murray makes ANOTHER 3 and suddenly the Nuggets are up 10. No matter the outcome of this game, this is beautiful to see.

Well that was a crazy sequence capped off by Jefferson’s hard foul on Juancho.

I don’t think that was intentional by Jefferson, but flagrant 1 was the right call. He smacked Juancho right in the honker.

Juancho hits 1 of 2 on the flagrant FTs, Barton sinks a 3, Nuggets go up 61-47. But now LeBron’s pissed on that no call, so I’m worried.

w/ 2:36 left in 2nd Q: Harris > Nelson > Barton > Harris (Jokic screen, Harris drive & kick) > Jameer D&K > Barton > Harris for open made 3.

When the Nuggets are playing ball-sharing, unselfish offense like that, it truly is a thing of beauty.

And another made 3 by Harris from the same spot puts he Nuggets up 20. So add another 15-20 points to that lead and it might be safe.

NOT a foul by Harris, he totally avoided contact. But of course the refs reward Irving anyhow bc obv the defending champs need their help.

Ball lie.

Nuggets, Cavs trade a couple of 3s, then a couple pairs of 2s, DEN maintaining their 14-pt halftime lead, timeout CLE.

Had that wrong before, Nuggets lead was 16 going into the timeout, but LBJ hits the J off a screen to cut it to 14.

With about 9:35 left in the third, Nuggets killing it in the paint, 34-14.

Had been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and there it is. Cavs cut the lead to 7. No lead is safe with the Nuggets.

Faried putting in some great minutes here and giving the Nuggets a badly needed spark of energy to quell CLE’s momentum. DEN back up 13.

Lue gets T’d up after Jameer’s hard foul on Irving.

3:01 left in the 3rd. Jokic isos, posting up against LeBron, who defends him pretty well, but not well enough. Jokic hooks it up over him.

And the Pepsi Center goes wild.

Jokic misses a 3 in transition. Probably not his greatest decision of the night, but he’s so reliable, hard to second-guess him.

Nuggets take an 11-point lead into the 4th, but momentum is going the Cavs’ way. High anxiety time.

4th Q opens w missed Cavs 3, Murray to Kenneth for 2, another missed Cavs 3, Wilson with a bigtime tough shot and-1 (made). DEN back up 16.

LeBron lowers the shouldner into Faried, Faried gets called for the blocking foul. Of course.

Chandler now 2 of 3 backing down Korver. Smells blood there. Nuggets up 18 with 8:53 remaining. More nervous than ever now.

Jamal Murray, with 7:27 remaining in the 4th: 14 pts on 5/9 shooting (3/6 from 3) in 16 minutes. (Maybe actually 16 pts after the made FTs.)

Absolutely stunning reverse layup by Harris with 7:00 remaining in the 4th. Nuggets up 17. Can I dare to dream yet…? (Nope. Not yet.)

Cavs announcer: “Standing ovation at the Pepsi Center, and frankly well deserved. The Nuggets have been in attack mode from the get-go.”

But this ain’t over yet. (Well, it actually is, of course, but just not from where I’m sitting.)

Faried goes out after getting fouled by Frye (Jokic in w 6:04 left.) Easily one of Kenneth’s best games of the season, I’d say.

Interesting moment w 4:20 left. Murray has ball but Jokic totally QB’ing the offense, directing Jamal to hold up, setting up the play.

122-104 with 2:38 left. Holy crap, they actually pulled this one out, didn’t they?

Jokic goes out with 1:11 left with 16/10/7. Low key very good game from him.

Maybe the best win of the #Nuggets’ season against defending champ #Cavs, in no small part because of its importance in their playoff hunt.

Well, it’s good to know I’m not crazy. 😉




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