The Nuggets Den social media stuff

Twitter: @NuggetsDenJoel

YouTube: NuggetsDenJoel


Instagram: nuggetsdenjoel

Twitter is pretty much where I live, so if you want to actually communicate with me, that’s the best place to do it.

I don’t make videos nearly as often as I used to, so my YouTube channel contains more relics than not (although that is kind of fun in its own right). I will have some time this summer so I hope to make some fresh vids there, but it’ll more likely be for embedding in posts than standalone content.

I created a Facebook page mainly in case some people might just prefer that medium as a way to follow posts. But it will primarily be a repository feed for Nuggets Den blog and Instagram posts, so if you already follow me on Twitter it’ll probably be pretty redundant.

Mainly to follow rather than post, I just got on Instagram today, inspired by Steve Hess’ posts of Jokic working out in Serbia. Again, there will be a good deal of redundancy here, as I’ll basically be posting Nuggets charts and graphics, most of which will have already been used in my posts either at the Nuggets Den or at BSN Denver. So if you’re already checking those, you may not find a whole lot of new offerings there.

The bottom line is that I’ll always be most active on Twitter, and much less so on Facebook and Instagram, so the latter two are mainly just there for people who really prefer those platforms.

Oh yeah, I have a Google+ page, too, but I can’t get WordPress to auto-trigger posts to it, and does anyone use that, anyway? I don’t know. I don’t. As of now, thouh, I have a lot of posts sitting there that say “Shared only with you” that I can’t seem to make publicly visible – and frankly, it hardy seems worth trying.

So now that you know where everything’s at, feel free to follow or like – or not – as you please, and maybe I’ll see you around one place or another. Thanks for dropping by.



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