The @NBA consistently screws Nuggets fans out of seeing home preseason games [UPDATE: Or do they?]


[UPDATE] I had assumed that, like in the regular season, the preseason schedule was entirely at the discrepancy of the league. However, several people responded on Twitter that it could be the case the Nuggets’ perennial preseason home-away discrepancy is the doing of the Nuggets organization, which may have requested a minimal number of home games. So if that is the case, then I apologize to the NBA for misplacing the blame, and will instead wag my finger at the Kroenkes and Nuggets brass for depriving Nuggets fans of more chances to go see their favorite team play live games.

If it seems like every year the Nuggets get the short end of the stick in the balance between home and away preseason games, that’s because it’s the truth, at least over the last six seasons. (I did not research further back than the lockout-shortened 2011 preseason, in which the Nuggets played just two games against the Phoenix Suns, one home and onw away.)

Full disclosure: I have no idea what goes into the NBA’s calculus for creating preseason schedules. But as far as I can tell, that really doesn’t matter as much as the fact that Denver fans are consistently getting the shaft when it comes to having the opportunity to see their team in the preseason.

The chart above pretty much speaks for itself, and I don’t have much more to add to it, other than that I did not include games played in Las Vegas as home games for the Clippers, though they arguably should be, and if so the numbers would come out even more lopsided to Denver’s detriment.


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